Short Term Rehab

Our highly successful, goal-oriented rehabilitation program features a variety of multi-disciplinary professionals working together to facilitate recovery in our supportive, home-like environment. We will develop a custom plan to help every guest achieve independence as quickly as possible while preserving their comfort and dignity. They’ll feel at home until it’s time to return home!

A care plan may include some or all of the specialized treatments that we offer:
Couple physical therapy with nurse
Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy

Our team of therapists works to address every aspect of rehabilitation. From walking steadily to speaking clearly, we’ll help every guest rebuild strength, skills, and confidence.

Orthopedic/Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

To assist our residents in regaining mobility and range of motion following a joint replacement or orthopedic procedure, we implement specific therapies designed to improve confidence and reduce pain, allowing guests to successfully resume their daily activities.

Female nurse and senior male patient interacting with each other in the retirement home
Black man having a heart attack
Cardiac Rehabilitation

Residents who have experienced a cardiac event require a delicate balance of medication, diet, and lifestyle adjustments. Our team can will support them in managing their condition and its side effects while working together to restore their heart’s healthy function

Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

With our exceptional blend of expertise and compassion, Parkview helps resident regain and refine skills for daily living, movement coordination, and speech lost due to stroke or brain injury.

Senior Woman in Therapy
Front view of a senior African American man suffering from back pain in bedroom at home
Pain Management

We understand that pain can delay and interrupt the rehabilitation process, and we strive to make our guests as comfortable as possible with medication and other pain management techniques as they make progress in therapy. To smooth the transition from facility to home, we provide residents with the information and resources they’ll need to manage their temporary or chronic pain prior to discharge.